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By Gary EleazarThe President Guyana never had, the man should have been President, the Little Giant, the man to emulate were just some of the many sentiments that permeated the hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly on Thursday as the House approved a motion conveying its sympathy to the wife and family of the late Winston Shripal Murray.Shadow Legal Affairs Minister, Clarrisa Riehl,Jerseys NFL Cheap, who moved the motion on behalf of the party leader and in the presence of Murray’s wife, son, relatives and some close friends, said that the House must record for posterity,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, “what a fine member of the human race we had here for many years.”Winston MurrayShe lamented that sadly they, while he was alive, did not fully appreciate “what he represented to the country and to parliament.”Riehl said that he was acclaimed as the best debater who was meticulous in his research and articulate in his presentation.She said that this was clearly reflected year after year,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, especially during the budget debates where his presentations would be highlighted on the front pages of the daily newspapers.Riehl said that her party will certainly miss Murray’s annual overview that he would give to them after the budget presentations so that they could properly prepare for the debates.She said that he did not spare a moment to take the Government to task, adding that he had told her that he wanted to challenge in Court the manner in which lotto funds were being handled.According to the Shadow Legal Affairs Minister,Wholesale Jerseys Online, one of the main attributes was his humility. “He was approachable and accessible to all…in the court which was the other sphere of his work he was equally liked.”Riehl said that the response to news of his falling ill as well as the response to his passing is testament to the type of man he was. She added that it was not just the PNCR but the nation as a whole that has lost a good man. “The bell has tolled for him and he is no more among use…We are all diminished by his death.”She highlighted the fact that for his commitment and stern contributions to the country, using the many portfolios he had, in 1984 he was awarded the Cacique’s Crown of Honour,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, one of the highest National Awards.“Because of his simplicity you would think he is an ordinary man but everything about him bespoke extraordinary.”Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, who spoke on behalf of the government, said that he sat opposite Murray in the House and had a good vantage point to observe the parliamentarian. He said that Murray’s mannerism in Parliament was that of a Statesman.“He had a high degree of statesmanship and respect for the National Assembly…On that fateful day, I invited him to sit in Prime Minister’s chair whilst others were snacking and we engaged in a confidential talk.”As such, Rohee said that he was therefore astonished and many of them surprised they heard the news that night. Rohee spoke to the fact that during the PNCR elections campaign, Murray, was one of the main speakers. “He was clearly a consummate politician.”Rohee pointed out that from the way he spoke it was clear that he knew what his party was all about and was able to articulate the party’s policies aptly.The Home Affairs Minister said that it is important that they recognise Murray from the People’s Progressive Party’s perspective and the early role he played in assisting the Government.He said that this was the case, given that there was need for continuity. Murray had to assist the new government,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, given the portfolio he had had prior to the PPP/C taking office.Rohee told the House that he recalls and still can hear Murray during the Budget debate asking where the project profile is.He said that it was not a question that was taken lightly by Government, pointing to the fact that over the years they have improved the transparency in the budget documents.“The motion is wholeheartedly supported by this side of the House…I can say that apart from the country being poorer…the opposition benches are poorer also. We share the collective loss.”Leader of the Alliance for Change, Raphael Trotman in his delivery to the motion said that even though he had made his mark as a politician, Murray never considered himself a politician and never pursued politics for self gain.“Murray is arguably the best debater the House had. I know some may quietly disagree…but Murray impressed me.”He said that given the roles he has functioned in the past it is evident that the former Presidents have seen Murray’s abilities.“He offered himself… he offered nothing but his blood, sweat and tears…We got the best of Winston Murray…Words such as erudite, illustrious, surgical and fair can be used to describe Murray.”According to Trotman, “Murray was the president we never had.” Trotman said that Murray is Guyana’s version of the US Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy. “He could and should have been the Head of State.”Speaking about Murray’s abilities in Parliament, Trotman pointed out that prior to the current Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, few dared to challenge what Murray said, adding too that it is only recently that Dr Singh was able to try to rebut.He said that only fools rush in where angels do not tread, speaking to the fact that Murray is always prepared.“I do hope his colleagues and those who claimed to be his colleagues make sure that there be both a lecture series and a schools’ debating completion which would aptly honour his memory.”Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Aubrey Norton told the House that he was thankful for the cooperation between the government and the opposition in seeking to provide Murray with whatever necessary assistance could have been provided despite however slim the window of opportunity.He asked that in the honour of Winston Murray that the politicians continue to serve in the same manner and cooperate more on the issues afflicting the country.“Let us be guided by the way he lived. He was honest and could not be corrupted.”Norton said that the best tribute that they could give to Murray is to bring to fruition his ideals for Guyana and the Guyanese youth.“We can place a person in his seat but we can never replace him.”Following the debate, the Speaker of the National Assembly presented his wife, Marva Murray, with a copy of the Resolution which was passed in the House by way of Motion.

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