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Title: Help - Dahua HDCVI- stuck with wrong resolution/fps - no OSD [Print this page]

Author: Williamhawk    Time: 2017-10-24 19:04
Title: Help - Dahua HDCVI- stuck with wrong resolution/fps - no OSD

I'm facing an extremely frustrating problem. I bought a Dahua DVR (XVR4108 of 720P/1080N resolution) and a bullet HDCVI camera Dahua HAC-HFW-1220R of 2MP resolution. In fact if I had gone for a 1MP camera it would not have caused this trouble, I just bought it because I was told it was supported and I got it cheap.

Now while experimenting with the OSD menu of the camera I wrongly put the video resolution to 720p/50 fps and since that time the DVR doesn't show any video. It is black, no OSD even, and displays a message "Invalid Camera Format". I have tried so many things but the camera doesn't go to the factory settings nor does it display the OSD. There is no reset button on the body of the camera nor any reset cable. Tried shorting the BNC, reversing the power polarity...nothing works. I have struggled for many hours now lastly turning to this forum.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please help....

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