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iFamily Using the operating Guide

1.Open the browser and enter :
2.Click the“Register”button to start the registration

3.Fill the related content and choose your nationality as “Cote d'Ivoire”

4.When the registration done, it will automatically jump to the main interface

5.Everyday-attendance will be reward points, continuous sign-in will receive more points rewards.   

6.Click the thread name “All”or “Feedback”, in which you want to publish the post

7.Click the button to publish the post

8.Fill in the title, select the Thread category you need

9.Edit the content of the post.

10.How to add pictures to the post and succeed to add the pictures

11.Click the button to finish the post operation

12.The users engage in and reply

13.Click the floor you want to reply , when the “reply ”button appears, the system will jump to the interface for you to give reply.

14.Fill the content what you want to reply and whether you add a picture or not.

15.You succeed to give a reply.


Welcome to iFamily!

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ok cool[[:)]

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aucune reponse

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yrocco a posté en 2016-11-04 14:12

aucune reponse

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